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Welcome to India Brand Store Shopping!

There are some of the challenges listed for a retailer to go online: -

  1. Getting the Brand Approval and Listing the products on different platforms 
  2. Calculating the right selling price as every platform has different commission per different category.
  3. Logistics delay challenges or damage challenges causing direct losses.
  4. TDS and TCS deduction by Marketplaces causing loss of capital.
  5. Not having any control over returns and customer abuse causing direct losses.
  6. Brand doesn't allow selling online (they know it just by placing the order).
  7. No advantage in local footfall increase by selling on other marketplaces.
  8. You can sell only products in your catalogue listed online.
  9. you can not offer EMI , no cost EMI or finance facility on any kind of payment mode by customer.

By Listing on indiabrandstore, You get rid of all these as it will be handled directly by us:-

  1. All you have to do is send us online link of any portal where the product is sold
  2. Once the products are allocated to you, just login to your Vendor Dashboard and update inventory and your Price to us (What is it?)
  3.  All the listing on any platform or pricing will be taken care by us.
  4. we will take care of logistics, packaging and returns etc.
  5. Your name will not be visible on any invoice as all invoices would be issued from our name.
  6. We will help increase in local enquiries for the products you sell by creating a dedicated Store page with your city name.
  7.  You may opt to sell products not available in your shop or catalog and we will be happy to send it to you to sell to your customer.
  8. we help you offer no cost EMI, Bajaj Finance, credit card EMI etc.
  9.  Promote your store/ product via shooting a video free of cost with us.