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Usha Misty 15-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Twinkling Grey)

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    • Heavy duty magnesium anode to prevent rust and corrossion enhances life even with hard water. World-class glasslined enamel coating on tank
    • Anti Corrossion ABS Body; High grade Superior PUF insulation reduce heat loss, improves energy efficieny and enables faster heating
    • High grade heating element - Incoloy 800 element with glasslined enamel coating increases the life of element
    • Single weld line on inner tank reduces water leakage risk
    • Product Dimensions: : 32.5 cm (Length) x 32.5 cm (Width) x 48.5 cm (Height)
    • Whirlflow technology for faster heating and maximum energy saving; High pressure withstanding capacity of upto 8 bar, suitable for high rise buildings
    • IPX 4 protects agains water splashes; Dry Heating Protection
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The capacity of the Usha Misty water heater is 15 litres. This makes it perfect for a small family or for a guest room in a hotel. The advantage of this size is that you get sufficient water which is neither less nor excess for a family. Excess water leads to wastage and if the storage capacity is less, then you will need to keep waiting for the water to heat in the geyser over and over again till you are able to fill your bucket.

Tank Coating

The tank is made of stainless steel ABS material. This material is not prone to rust and corrosion and thus ensures a longer life to the geyser.

Preset Thermal Cut-Out

The geyser cuts off heating automatically when water gets heated to a particular temperature. This is a very advantageous feature of the geyser. It saves power and also prevents the water from overheating. This feature ensures a long life to the geyser and also makes it safe to use the geyser.

Rated Water Pressure

The geyser comes with an 8 bar rated water pressure. This means that the geyser is capable to with stand high pressure. High rise buildings have very high water pressure so that water is able to reach the top floors. The 8 bar rated pressure of this geyser means that the geyser can be safely installed in high rise buildings as it is capable to with stand such high pressures.


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