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iWosh 17 Place Settings SS Dishwasher with Live Operation Window + Free Supply 2500 Times wash (5 Years use) Detergent

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  • iWosh 14+3=17 places pharma grade full stainless steel body women technology dishwasher (Fully Automatic bartan cleaning machine) is a made in india dishwasher manufacturing brand.It is really very comfortable,user friendly,eazy operation based and mainly no maintenance oriented machine. In this covid pendemic time when we are dependent on bartan cleaning maid and her daily outside interfacing with our home is really risky for our respected elders and innocent children. Here we iWosh has brought it for your above problem solution and made available Fully Automatic bartan cleaning Machine. Question : As per our observation mostly we all people having a washing machine for clothes cleaning automaticaly,then why not we are go for dishwasher machine till date,As we aware in other devloped country like,USA,UK,AUS,CAN they all people are using dishwasher regularly at each and every home,then why we indians are still waiting ? Ans : An answer is above question is that as per current senario we have very few brands available in india for Dishwasher machine with only foreign utensils based concept which are not properly suitable for indian utensils. But iWosh made in india dishwasher company has made a Automatic bartan cleaning machine instead of only dishwasher machine,which is really perfectly suitable for our indian traditional utensils. We are accepting here that we are not here for showing product modeling photography but we have been provided here actual & actual real time genuine pics of machine without doing more graphics like other brand for our genuine customers. Your trust is our happiness.Before choosing any dishwasher just go through comparision table of other brand dishwasher vs iWosh in last image.
  • 17 places setting Full size Pharmacutical grade stainless steel life time unbreakable and never corrosive with additional utensils placing facilites as compare to other brand.Just one time purchase and use it life time.
  • For 2500 times wash iWosh brand dishwasher detergent worth Rs.50,000/- free supply which makes actual machine landing cost reduce up to only 10,000/-.
  • With Natural water washing cycle iWosh is world's No1 economic dishwasher brand due to only 80 paisa<1 Rs. electricity cost during complete wash cycle.
  • We iWosh are offering here to our genuine customer 2 years free of cost spares replacment warrantee and even after 2 years spares and detergent will be provided with 50 percent discounted price due to made in india product which will never possible in other brand foreign make dishwasher.Due to Made in india product spare will be always easily awailable in low cost as compared to other foreign made brand dishwasher.We charged only visit charge for spare replacement during warrantee period.
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