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What Are Halogen Heaters: Advantages & Disadvantages

Aug 13, 2020 / By Vivek Singh / in Ecommerce , Electronic

Halogen heaters are a type of electric heater that uses the halogen element within their heating lamps and bulbs. The confusion arises because these gases don't actually emit any form of warmth themselves. They just make light brighter, which is what most people think about when someone speaks up about "halogens."

The reason why we call them 'halogens' though has more to do with how brightly those particular elements can glow; not only does it help keep them operating at higher temperatures without darkening over time but also helps preserve energy consumption compared to other options like Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Incandescent Light Bulbs

What are Halogen Heaters Used For

Halogen heaters are used for generating dry and comfortable heat. Halogen heaters are typically used to warm an area. The heat is emitted both into the room and upwards so it does not simply rise to the ceiling. This can be beneficial for those who occasionally use their fireplace, as it prevents heat from escaping up the chimney.

The most common application of a halogen heater would be in lieu of taking a bath or shower during colder months due to high electricity bills, but they're also perfect for warming up large areas like living rooms or study areas. Halogens use incandescent light bulbs which produce infrared radiation that is very localized at about 9000 - 13000 degrees Fahrenheit directly below the lampshade, which will then slowly beam downwards after hitting one side of your house's roof.


Advantages Of Halogen Heaters

Easy Installation - Halogen heaters are very easy to install rather than other heaters.

Environmentally Friendly- Halogen lamps are a safer alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights because they do not release any harmful emissions.

Energy Saving- Halogen heaters provide instant and radiant heat that can be used to warm up small areas quickly. They also consume less energy than most other types of furnaces, making them environmentally friendly too

Safety - The halogen lamps themselves don't actually heat up, so they are considered safe in most environments.

Disadvantages Of Halogen Heaters

Only Heats Specific Areas- Halogen heaters only target the area they're on. If you stand too far away, it'll be cold where your body's not touching and hot like someone backed into an oven from behind.

Costly To Run- Heaters can be expensive, especially if your home or business is large with multiple rooms. 

Not Ideal For Space Heating– Halogen heaters provide radiant heating, but they're not ideal for space heating where large buildings or areas need to be heated.

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