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Which Is Best (Right) Air Conditioner (For Me)? -

Jun 11, 2020 / By Garima Mishra / in Ecommerce , Electronic

Few Common questions we get to hear from most of people who contact us for Best Pricing on Air Conditioner or understanding something are:


"What is Best Air Conditioner for My Home?"




"What is Best Air Conditioner Brand for My Home?"


or Some would be little specific


Which Brand AC consumes least Energy and Provides Best Cooling?



and Know what, we don't reply to them instantly with a brand name or Air Conditioner Model. We believe in Consumer Electronics or anything hardly there is a commodity that is one size fits all thus we believe the question slightly can be worded differently:-




Which Air Conditioner (Brand) is right for me (my Home/ My Bedroom/ My workplace)?



And Off course, Our answer doesn't change, Process remains the same, Answering few questions would help. Some of the questions that we ask:

  • What Kind of Room/ Shop/ Workplace is it?
  • What is the total Area (You may provide Depth, Width, Height) if possible.
  • Is there a balcony / Kitchen Adjacent to this room, In case balcony , which direction does that open? In case of Kitchen,  have you decided right Kitchen chimney for sucking heat out from there, or you have a separate AC for Kitchen?
  • Installation location (Yes this matters the most for after sale Service and spare Point of View).
  • Are You looking for a certain Budget or for most energy efficient. (there is nothing wrong in expecting low cost and most energy efficient :)
  • Is this is a new installation or you are looking to replace your Older AC.

Largely, Home users go for Split AC, Windows AC or Tower Air conditioners. while Cassette Air conditioners are categorized as Industrial or Commercial Air Cons. Here are few technical Aspects you need to look for:-

  • Capacity:
  • Inverter/ Non Inverter:
  • IDU/ ODU Coil Type: Copper/ Aluminum
  • Gas Type
  • Star Rating specific Energy Consumption:
  • Air Curtain Width
  • Air Flow Volume
  • Noise Level (IDU and ODU):
  • Imported or indigenous:
  • Warranties: On IDU and ODU
  • All Weather (Hot and Cold)
  • Fan Speed
  • Fan Swing (two side or four side)
  • Auto Timer (Sleep)
  • Preset Modes: Eco, Turbo
  • Self Cleaning:
  • Dehumidifier:
  • Germs and Odour Removal:
  • Display and Design:
  • Inbuilt Other appliance:

You can compare wis-a-wis to all models you have been looking for. After sale service and spare part availability largely depends upon the local sales quantity and brand's approach towards customer service. Based upon our experience we can say Top 10 Air conditioner Brands in Product and Service Quality:-  

  1. Daikin
  2.  Hitachi
  3. Voltas
  4. Blue Star
  5. Carrier Midea
  6. LG Electronics
  7. mitsubhi appliances
  8. Samsung Elecronics
  9. Whirlpool
  10. Panasonic

If you still have a questions, Please leave it in comments below and initiate a chat from right bottom, Our specialists will guide you to chose the right Model for you. Since we  are single window for India's Top Brands in home and Kitchen appliances, You may ask for Quotation for Bulk buy of all appliances together.  




Even Though we are one of the largest Home and Kitchen online seller Amazon and flipkart , We believe, customer prefer to visit nearest Brand Stores to check the models, answer questions to the merchant, compare the things themselves before buying.